About Touch&Play Germany
TOUCH&PLAY Germany gathering at the Nature Community, Germany

The Touch&Play project started in 2010 and grew from an exploration of the chemistry and the edges of Contact Improvisation. It currently frames itself as an exploration of “The Relational Body'' which uses CI as one of a few core practices to do this. This year we’re particularly interested in material that inspires the Learning to Stumble on one or more of the following levels: intra and inter-personal, collective or tribal, societal or Spiritual. Some of the fields we work with are: Embodied Consent, BMC, Healing Practices, Dance, Somatics; Contact Improvisation technique, Power Sensation Role and Rope Play, Authentic Movement, Performing-Witnessing; Conscious Sexuality, Gender Explorations, Queering the Dance, Ritual, Discussion groups, The Oracle, Singing Circles and more.
We invite you to come home to this diverse community of dancers, somatic explorers and embodied humans.
This is a festival about play, vulnerability and building community rich in emotional, sensorial and erotic intelligence.
Happy to stumble, dance and touch and play with you again!
❤ Beata Absalon, Manuela Bosch, Daniel Hayes and Ulli Wittemann