Touch&Play Teacher Application Form


We ask teachers and space holders to be present for the whole gathering and teachers’ meeting beforehand. If this is not possible for you, please don’t apply.

For more information about what it means to be a teacher at our events please read the following guidelines before applying

Feel free to contact us with any questions at the following email:

Feel welcome to share your pronoun in your bio if you wish to.

Please attach a medium resolution (0.5-1.0 Mb) photo of yourself for others to see who you are. (This image will be published if you are invited to teach)

What would you like to propose?

Please attach a medium resolution (0.5-1.0 Mb) image that represent your work and inspires others to see what you bring the world. (The image will be published if you are invited to teach *

We are interested in having a diverse group of teachers and explicitly invite those with belonging to minority groups (e.g. racial, gender, sexuality, functionality). If this includes you please let us know so that we can consider this as we build an inclusive team.

Are there other identities that feel important for you to share? (cultural, relationship lifestyles, neurodivergence, professional tango dancer, a parent, etc....)

If you have children would you consider bringing them to the event and what ages are they? (The event will try to provide limited childcare if wanted)

Please tell us how many Km's and how you will travel to and from the event. (We will Carbon Compensate the travel of all of the event team)