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Touch&Play Germany 2022
Touch&Play Germany 2022
Learning to Stumble
28 AUG – 2 SEP 2022
T&P 2022 is our warm invitation to curiously inspect the various aspects that lie in those rich moments of exploring the fringes of balance - that can be found hands-on in CI dancing but also any way of relating. So hop on and join us on a gleefully bumpy ride!
Welcome to the Touch&Play Movement
Can moving around clumsily hold unexpected offers? While stumbling tends to be rather avoided it might just invite us into mistakenly finding our place and more surprising ways of being in the world. Could we think of stumbling as embracing awkwardness, pushing back dull imperatives of success and preserving some of the wondrous anarchies of childhood?
Under certain circumstances mistakes and clutter can be creative and optimistic sources. A good old heartfelt bump can have a refreshing effect and might just be a comforting reminder that everybody is allowed to move in their own rhythm - hooray, we’re not marching in unison! Movies point to its comedical or romantic potential (when we help to pick up the fallen pieces after bumping and stumbling into each other and our hands unintentionally touch…)
And some of us might also cultivate the art of tricking themselves into accidents that lead to marvelous outcomes, way better than being in sovereign control of the situation. Strategies of sleepiness, busyness or the beginner's mind. Yes, it’s nice for something to be perfect, but isn’t it even better for something to be powerful, interesting or original instead? Still, in other circumstances stumbling might invite us to look more closely: Did I rush unnecessarily or forgot to mind the gap? Are there blocks or distractions to be removed and are we too afraid to ask for or to support? And how do we deal responsibly and caring with whatever shattered after falling?