An Intensive Class is taught over four festival days for 2,5 hours per day with the same group so you can evolve together and build on whatever you created and learned beforehand. The three Intensive offerings run parallel so you will have to decide for one Intensive class you would like to commit to.

Falling into Life

by Swan Alyon

Sacred Service-play

by Heidi Van Dyck

Trust Falling

by Rick Nodine

Single classes happen in the afternoon and you can spontaneously choose a class you would like to join. A timetable with an overview which workshop will happen where and when will be offered at the venue during the festival.

Caring for a stumbling body (Morning Class)

by Inge Veldscholten


2nd Offering

Why the lips

by Trinidad Garcia Espinosa

The Magical School of Bitchcraft

2nd Offering

Slowing into Shyness

by Dr. Theresa Segal

All My Beautiful Dilletantes

2nd Offering

Dropping, Dynamics and Dissent (Dungeon intro)

by iuno

Bringing the lost parts home

by Andreas Demmel

Rethinking consent

by Beata Absalon

from self expression to collective creativity

by Manu Bosch

The Body Drumming Invocation

by Daniel J. Hayes

Journey through Voice

by Riki Parenti

Jam support

by p.limnique

Silly Sensuality Sofa Yoga

2nd Offering

Playful Pleasure Quests

by Benjamin Lee Martin