Community Rehberg

Touch&Play Germany 2022 – Pre-Camp for Newbies

Nearly Sold Out!

August 25-28 2022

Why this pre-camp?

There was feedback to last year’s Touch&Play festival asking to offer an orientation for people who will attend the venue for the first time

Community Rehberg (30 km to the festival site at Nature Community, Schönsee)

Address: Oberrehberg 1, 92697 Georgenberg (train and bus connections are available)



12 euro per day for food; the event itself and basic accomodation are free of charge


First time participants of the Touch&Play festival

Who are we?

A family living in a small community where we explore ways of relating to other bodies. This includes contact improvisation, oil rituals, body experience in nature, honest communication, deep listening and the awareness of your own feelings, desires and expectations.


Dhara Landgraf: five times T&P, honest communication, loves oil rituals and contact
Christian Landgraf: five times T&P, two times ZEGG “Liebesschule”, loves CI
Cooper Thompson: three times T&P, loves tantra massages and to follow his impulses
Lion and Jhari Landgraf: five times T&P and the best teachers in how to truly relate with others
Alex Schallhammer: four times T&P, loves contact impro, playfight and cuddles


Please send us a short motivation e-mail to which contains some information on why you would like to be part of the pre-camp.

Note: Number of participants is limited to 15 people; the registration is only valid after your payment was done to our bank account; details will be in our confirmation e-mail

Our offering:

We will spend three complete days as a “bigger family” to dig into our perceptions of the upcoming T&P event and to get a clearer picture on what to expect from this kind of festival

We will address the following questions: What is my motivation in attending the festival? Do I have fears concerning myself diving into such an event? Is there anything I would like to know beforehand from former participants? What guidelines are there for how people relate to each other at the festival?


  • We will use attentive communication with each other (in dyads and groups)
  • We will meet regularly in circles to share our feelings
  • We will practice expressing our desires and how to clearly communicate boundaries
  • We will do some first “get in touch” exercises such as contact improvisation, play fighting, authentic movement, bodywork and cuddling (If the group is open for even deeper contact, we will offer additional settings)


  • Cooking will be done as a group with 100% organic food mainly vegan/vegetarian
  • Parents with kids are warmly invited; our kids will be present at the venue (2/6)
  • We have a huge place in the middle of nature with basic accommodations; there are four shared rooms and two spots to set up a tent; this is not a seminar hotel so please do not expect more than basic comfort